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The Full Story


Some information about the origin of the festival and how it came to light.

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Before having moved to The Netherlands to study, Festival Director Harry Broom never really appreciated British Classical music. It was since living abroad he came to find out about the wonders of British music and how incredible it is. Thus, with this inspiration, he had an idea to curate something putting British music into the spotlight, hence the British Music Festival Holland was born in  2022. Its first edition will hope to be one of many additions to come annually.

The BMFH idea

The idea of the festival is to celebrate British classical music in it entirety. It hopes to reach a wider audience and introduce some unknown pieces. It will be a platform in which invited musicians perform works from Dowland to Bridge to Britten and beyond to today. The festival will also include extensive information about British music to present a clearer idea for the audience. With this combined, the festival hopes to be enlightening, informative and memorable.

Subsidies and funds

Thanks to the following funding organisations, private donors for making the festival happen.

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